LURE: Listen, Understand, Respond and Enjoy

Building your organisation’s customer service capabilities

A customer service workforce is knowledgeable, skilled and always positive. Some of these things come naturally and some need to be learned. Being organisationally fit for the new customer dynamic market place will require capabilities. Our capability-building program addresses four very important things that help LURE customers to you.

Listen: How well we listen has a major impact on the quality of our relationships. We listen for information, meaning and enjoyment but we need to be active about it. Often, ‘Active Listening’ needs to be learned and practiced.

Understand: Empathy and the ability to walk in the shoes of another is the basis of trusting relationships. The first step is understanding yourself; how you react to change and transition so you can better understand others. We use the very elegant Four Rooms of Change® framework, developed by the Swedish psychologist Claes Janssen. In customer service, the Four Rooms of Change helps you communicate and respond more effectively.

Respond: Comprehensive and successful responses also depend on how well we know who could (and should) contribute to our customer’s tailor-made solutions; and the flexibility and responsiveness of our internal processes. Reshaping internal processes to support ‘new’ ways is a cross-functional task, which in turn creates an opportunity to not only do things differently but often better.

Enjoy: You spend a lot of time with your workmates and customers. Enjoying yourself is often dependent on your attitude. Choose one that will help you through your day. Positive attitudes attract. Negative attitudes are spoilers.