The Last ACAR

And so it was written, submitted and judged…the last Aged Care Approvals Round (ACAR) and the results announced Friday 18th March 2016. As in years past there were winners and there were those who even now are wondering why they were not. Congratulations to those we worked with over the last year, developing service models, engaging with consumers, building staff skills and knowledge and writing some of the winning submissions.

The ACAR process has long been a mystery. How are the final allocations determined? What influences the results? As I sit reflecting for the last time, my impression is that ACAR is a bit like an ‘interview’ – excellence can often go unnoticed. So from here on, how can providers make sure excellence is noticed?

In the ‘new’, growth aspirations will play out in a competitive market place. You will no longer be judged by government employees (reading a lengthy submission) but by your existing and potential customers who will notice your excellence and choose to enter into a very personal relationship with you…or not.

You will have a better chance of being chosen if they know who you are, what you stand for, what you do and how you do it. And if working with you is useful and a good experience they’ll like what you do and they’ll like you…first step. It’s personal and it’s about building a relationship that hopefully leads to a productive partnership.

So in presenting your case to be chosen…will every word still count? Will each need to be clear and responsive to the consumers you know so well? Will you be able to say what you offer? And deliver what you say? Are you ready to enter the consumer market place and realise growth because you are responding to those who will come to know you, trust you and find you remarkable?

The last ACAR…Vale!            The NEW…Greetings!